Despite sensationalist media stories to the contrary, models DO eat. I’ve been modeling for 15 years and can tell you firsthand that the majority of models I’ve met and hung out with don’t starve themselves. Instead, they make smart food choices and exercise to stay in shape. I make very healthy choices now, but it wasn’t always so. When I started my modeling career, I was clueless about healthy eating. How I wish I’d known then what I know now!

I was a skinny sixteen-year-old when my Italian agent told me to lose three inches from my waist before I could go see clients or work for the agency full-time. I was stunned. How was I going to do that? I had no fat to lose. Nevertheless, I started working out more, eating less than ever, and before I’d go in to have my measurements taken, I would not eat a single bite nor drink so much as a sip of water, because that could add an extra inch to my waist.

Luckily, after my measurements were officially “approved” by the modeling agency , I could be relaxed about food again. I loved to eat and thought it was crazy how many people stared at me on the street and in restaurants when I was eating. Like they’d never seen a model eat! Then again, maybe they hadn’t. But my defiance didn’t last long. Slowly but surely, my relationship with food changed and became distorted.

It began when other models introduced me to calorie counting. I didn’t even know what a calorie was, but I figured it was part of my job to keep track of them, and I kind of made it a game to eat as much as I could while taking in the least amount of calories. I would snack all day, but felt hungry all day too and because I was snacking all day I would skip real meals. My food choices became mechanical—I would not ask my body what it needed, but would reflexively pick the healthiest or lightest thing on the menu.

Things changed again for me when I met my husband, Alain. He was so easygoing about food! He ate whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Only when I compared our eating habits, I realized how restricted I actually was. But the thought of eating like him filled me with worry—I was actually a bit scared of food. What if it made me fat? These were crazy fears to experience for a girl who had always been skinny. I was even bullied in school for being skinny! And yet here I was worrying about getting fat by eating like Alain…by eating like a normal, healthy person.

I realized how much space these thoughts took up in my mind and how unhealthy they were. It was time to change; I wanted to have dinner with my man without feeling guilty or scared. I wanted to enjoy food like I used to. I started educating myself more about food and nutrition and started listening to my body again, asking what it needed instead of basing every choice on calorie counts. Slowly, I reconnected with food once again and relearned to love to eat, to savor every bite. I noted with satisfaction that I could eat normal food, normal portions, without getting fat and my fears gradually melted away.

Cooking has helped me a lot in the process of rediscovering the joys of eating well. I love every minute of it—touching the food, smelling the food. I really enjoyed researching my food and created a deeper understanding of the nutritional value of the products I used to create meals. I have gained so much appreciation for the simple blessing of preparing and eating good food! And interestingly enough, I haven’t gained weight even though I eat rich, flavorful meals and decadent desserts whenever I want. My weight hardly fluctuates at all. This is my natural body and I’m very happy with it.

Through this website, I hope to inspire you to make better choices for yourself in all areas of life. I like to start with food because it influences the way we feel and think.  A healthy and balanced diet contribute to a clear mind and a positive attitude, so that you can more easily take on ANY challenge. I’ll support you to create BIG results by making small changes! 

XO Jill