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Models Do Eat & Jill exposes that yes you & “models” can eat all “the good stuff” and look and feel great!!!! Jill showed me how to make a few different healthy choices and I lost 25LBS and I feel fantastic! –Greg Hinsdale, photographer

Models Do Eat has been an amazing resource for me, someone new to cooking, to show me how easy it can be to make easy, healthy meals and snacks. Jill is someone who I can relate to, and I look forward to her tips every day! – Ashley Stetts a.k.a The frugal model

Thanks to Jill getting healthy is now fun! I have known Jill for many years and I have always considered her the poster child for having a beautiful, fit body that is obtained in a natural and healthy way. Jill possesses the charm and wittiness that is needed to bring this message  smart, light and without any judgement. Jojanne van Mechelen, model

“Models Do Eat” has taught me that I can enjoy delicious and satisfying meals and maintain my model’s figure with no strict diet. Martha Graeff, fashion blogger

Jill inspired me to eat better, I live a much healthier life now and I feel better then ever! I am really grateful!! Jill, you are such beautiful person, keep up the good work! Monique H. Amsterdam, interior designer

As a young professional high-profile woman (lawyer), my looks are not always on my mind, but it is important to me and my job.  I may not be a model, but the tips translate well to my life and I think it can translate well to everyone. It is about a state of being, not what you do. Renee` A. Carmody, lawyer  

We are so happy with Jill de Jong from Models Do Eat sharing her great and inspiring health tips and recipes. She is a great inspiration for all of our model members and visitors of the site, especially because of her holistic approach. We hope we can enjoy her blogs for a very long time. Keep up the amazing work Jill! @modellist-ID.com

Every time i go to Models Do Eat it puts a smile on my face! I love how for once the mood around this subject of healthy living is positive and light. Models Do Eat inspires me to take care of both my body, mind and soul. It educates and inspires me to cook with diversity and acknowledge the gift food truly is, as an important source of energy and at times nurturing medicine too. Thank you, for the heartfelt inspiration and truly yummy recipes! : ) Line Givskov, Bwatt magazine

Jill and the models she interviews provide the best tips which I apply to my daily life. I am a big fan! Aldara Ortega, ,model

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